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Liturgical Ministries

Church Linen Care Team Rotating team members who monthly gather soiled purificators, towels and altar linens, launder, iron and return them to the church.
Server Robe Care Team Rotating team members who weekly gather soiled server robes, launder, do minor mending and return them to the church.

Ministers of Hospitality/Ushers Individuals/families/couples who help create an overall hospitable ambiance, welcome the congregation before liturgy, assist with seating, take up the collection, direct movement of the congregation during special celebrations, distribute bulletins after liturgy and provide general assistance to the Presider and Congregation. (rotating schedule)
Eucharistic Minister at Liturgy These ministers distribute Eucharist at liturgies, assist in setting up prior to liturgy, and cleansing vessels after liturgy. Parishioners 18 yrs of age or older serve in this ministry (rotating schedule)
Eucharistic Minster to the Homebound These ministers visit the homebound and nursing home residents bringing good wishes of the parish community and the Eucharist. These visits take place according to the needs of those being visited. It is our hope that visits to homebound individuals would take place on Sundays when possible thereby permitting these parishioners the opportunity to receive Eucharist ‘together with those at Sunday liturgy’. Visits to assisted residences and nursing homes will be coordinated in accordance with schedules at these locations and the availability of ministers. Parishioners 18 yrs of age or older serve in this ministry.
Lector Reads, reflects and prepares the scriptures to proclaim them at Liturgy. All parishioners who have been Confirmed may serve in this ministry. (rotating schedule)

Children’s Liturgy of the Word (CLOW) Team members reflect on and prepare the scriptures to proclaim &discuss them with youngsters (pre-school-grade 3) at Sunday morning 10:30 AM Liturgy. There are two to three adult team members per week. (rotating schedule)

Altar Server Assists the Presider at weekend liturgy. Parishioners may begin training (three after school sessions) for this ministry upon completion of grade three and may continue in this ministry thru College. (rotating schedule)
Liturgical Environment Team Working with the pastoral staff and liturgy committee, this team designs and creates a prayerful and liturgically appropriate worship space for the liturgical seasons and special celebrations throughout the year, as well as setting up and ‘sprucing up’ for these events. . Parishioners gifted in skilled trades and artistic talent, and those with a ‘green thumb’ are encouraged to consider this ministry. This group meets as needed throughout the year.

Plant and Flower Care Team, This ministry is a gentle and nurturing support for green-leaf and blooming plats located in the church and the church lobbies. These creatures enhance our prayer space and require our care and attention for survival. Following an assigned schedule throughout the year, parishioners water and when needed trim and feed these plants.

Music Ministry Through music & song, the members of this ministry support & enhance the active & prayerful vocal participation of the congregation at all weekend & special liturgies. Whether your instrument is voice, piano, percussion, strings, brass or woodwinds, everyone is encouraged to consider this ministry.