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Catechetical Ministry

Is comfortable working with children and teens in a learning environment and is responsible for planning & carrying out the entire experience for his/her group. 

Assistant Catechist
Is available & present most days of the program to work with the Catechist carrying out the class routine and learning plan. Can be a perfect preparation opportunity for those who are considering a more active role in the future or a supportive role for those who feel that primary Catechist is not their calling.

Substitute Catechist
Is comfortable working with children in a learning environment. This is someone who is generally available/on call; Tuesdays during most days of the program in the event that a regular Catechist is ill, has a family emergency or appointment he/she must keep.

Is an experienced Catechist, active or “retired” who is willing to companion a new Catechist during the first year of his/her experience.

General Supervisor
Would arrive 15 minutes prior to sessions to assist in preparing rooms, and monitor hallway and participant activity while groups are in session

Baptismal Prep Team
Visits families of children to be Baptized, prepares them to celebrate the sacrament and acts as a liaison between them and other families preparing for Baptism.