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History of our Parish

The Second Vatican Council set out a new vision for parishes. Waves of change reached every level of parish life from liturgical celebration to religious education to the construction and design of churches for the 20th century. An increase in area population was the reason for building this church with a new design. It fell to Rev. John McCarthy to get things rolling for this new parish. The design was circular around a marble Altar. Stained glass windows picture faith, hope, love and happiness, the foundation stones of our religion. Flanking both North and South are windows depicting the Resurrection and the beginning of the famous prayer of St. Francis.

There is a beautiful hand carved statue of Mary now found in the alcove on the North side of the church. The  "Wheat Field" which decorates the curved wall behind the Sanctuary symbolizes the Eucharist. Some 10 angels, added in 2002, adorn the choir section and watch carefully over the choir. These are Fra Angelico's depiction of the heavenly choir.

The church has a great multi-purpose room used for informal meeting of parishioners after Masses and as a basketball court during the winter for our CYO team. When we are joined on festive occasions by large numbers of guests, the design of the church permits us to retract the rear wall, thereby opening the church proper into the adjoining multi-purpose room to accommodate the larger assembly.

A new Pastoral Center with meeting rooms for Faith Formation, Discussion Groups and Youth Ministry was erected in 2003 and is fully operational. A revamping of what was the lower class room area in the main building has served the parish well by providing a comfortable space for Guest Lecturers, Scripture Sharing, Retreat Days, Music Ministry and additional offerings for Adults. In August 2005 our statue of Mary was enshrined outdoors along with a 'walking rosary' set in stone in front of the grotto. You are encouraged to walk the path with your children. Our parish facilities are in excellent condition-some 40 years old - the result of a conscientious and ongoing updating, these past 6 years.  The final major repair included the replacement of our original deteriorating boilers with new state of the art equipment.

What remains is a building dedicated to Mary Mother of the Church, a title given to her by the II Vatican Council.