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** Important Announcement **

The Paulino Family

Greetings Everyone,
The Paulino family is thankfully safe and sound after a tragic fire that took their home and many belongings.  As they begin to go forward and start the astronomical task of rebuilding their lives, we are calling on our community to help out if they can.

Please see the message below that their 17-year-old daughter Danielle has written for our community:

Hi everyone. I would just like to start off by talking about my family. My parents, Simon and Rocio Paulino, are both from the beautiful island of the Dominican Republic. They came here with nothing but their love for each other and their faith in God. We lived in the Bronx in a 4-bedroom apartment with nine kids until 2008.

Moving was hard. I was a Hispanic girl who "talked with an accent" and couldn't figure out how to fit in. Park Ridge truly became my home when I met my two best friends and started valuing the education I was lucky enough to be receiving. All the while, my family has been run by my amazing stay-at-home mother and my dad who, even after coming home from a long day working as a janitor, still had time to blast the Backstreet Boys or dance bachata. They have also been pursuing their citizenship... We are incredibly proud that after a long time of my parents working very hard, studying late at night and first thing in the morning before work, they are taking their citizenship tests THIS WEEK! Though my family has never had much money and has had our share of hardships, we have always had our home to come back to and be together as a family.

On Saturday night, July 29, right before we were going to eat dinner, our house - the place we've called home for nine years - was destroyed by a fire. My older sister and I rushed and, thankfully, were able to get the other kids out safely. However, everything we owned was destroyed in the fire. The house we were living in is no longer our home.

I have never felt more blessed than I have over the last two days to live in Park Ridge. My family and I are so grateful for the incredible support of our community.

With the family's permission, we have set up a sign-up genius and a you care account:

Thank you all...a few moms from Park Ridge





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